Q: Which iPad model are you using for drawing?
A: I'm using iPad Air 5 M1 256GB in Purple with Apple pencil 2

Q: Which softwares are you using for drawing and designing?
A: I'm using Procreate for drawing and Adobe Creative Cloud softwares for designing; I am mostly working in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign, which are my two favorite softwares.

Q: Did you study design or illustration?
A: No, I am a self-taught designer and illustrator. I have a Masters degree in Modern Greek language and literature, but when I was 30 I decided it's about time to pursue the career of my dreams :)

Q: How can I start working with you?
A: Just slide your idea in my DM or write me an email. If you have a book manuscript please send it over along with examples of illustration style and color palette that you like.

Q: Are you going to teach drawing classes any time soon?
A: I think I am still on my learning path, but there's a really cute ebook coming out soon which might be helpful :)
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